Thunderstruck By Online Casino Games

The world of the Aussie online casino is full of some of the best online casino games the world has ever seen. These online casino games include some of the most popular games in the world. For example, Thunderstruck, one of the top online casino games to be featured in an Aussie online casino or any other casino is currently being played around the world. And that's no surprise since Thunderstruck is not only fun to play, it has some of the best jackpots to be paid in online casino games.

The Vikings of Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck is one of the few online casino games that takes a completely different concept and converts it to a game loaded with cool graphics and special features. The theme is straight out of the Viking myths and stories we all know. Thunderstruck uses images like the hammer of Thor, Master of Thunder and the Throne of Odin - King of the Viking powers to create a world of magic and adventure that you are not likely to see in other online casino games whether they are featured in an Aussie online casino or anywhere else on the Internet for that matter.

How to Play Thunderstruck

Despite the sophistication not usually found in online casino games, Thunderstruck is remarkably easy to play. In no time at all, one can leap into the fun and if lucky, win some serious cash. In Thunderstruck, you decide how much you want to bet and then you click to spin five slot machines reels. On each reel are images of the Norse gods. If you get identical images on a pay line, then you win. So, for example, if five pictures of Thor appear, you are a winner.

Special Symbols in Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck is full of special features. Wilds are symbols that can be uses as a substitute for other images. They help you complete a winning combination on a pay line. Scatters allow you to compete for free spins when you are playing with the Aussie online casino website's own cash. What you win, you can keep. But what makes Thunderstruck really neat is the special Hall of Treasure. The Hall is full of special locked doors that you open as you win and progress through the game. Open all the doors in the Hall of Treasures and the jackpot of this Aussie online casino game is yours to keep. With all the detailed images and exciting sound that goes with the game, Thunderstruck can keep you entertained for hours and hours.