Take a Chance on Sic Bo at the Aussie Online Casino

Sic Bo is an ancient dice game from the Far East that translates literally as a pair of dice. It often appeared in traditional casinos in a section reserved for games from Asia. Today, It is part of the Aussie online casino as a game played with three dice, with bets placed on how the dice roll, either individually or as a total. It is a very simple game to learn and even easier to play - simply roll the dice and hope that they come up the same as your bet. There is no strategy or calculation involved. But don't let the simplicity fool you. Sic Bo ranks up there with just about all online casino games for chances to win and payouts.

Online Casino Games Best Suited for Online Action

One of the advantages to playing Sic Bo online is the way the screen is perfectly designed for the game. In the Aussie online casino, the Sic Bo screen looks much like a board game, with a slot for virtually all the betting combinations available. The center strip shows all the possible winning combinations - the numbers 4 to 17. The numbers 3 and 18 are excluded because when the dice roll a triple, you automatically lose. At the top and bottom of the screen are various individual rolls and rolls for two dice. You place bets on the choices by clicking on the area you wish to bet and choosing the amount of your bet. The dice themselves appear at the top right corner of the screen. When you press roll, they spin for a while and then stop. The board then lights up in all the betting areas that were winners. Like other online casino games with fast action and many possible winning combinations, Sic Bo employs technology to help you stay on top of the action.

A Wide Range of Games Highlight the Aussie Online Casino

The Aussie online casino has always had a strong reputation for its pokies and video poker. With Sic Bo, it gives some attention to other online casino games that have fallen under the radar for many people. Still, Sic Bo is a classic-style casino game that lifts the reputation of the Aussie online casino even higher. With even more online casino games to choose from, Australians have the enviable task of deciding which games bring more fun and profit.