Keno: Easy and Fun Chance to Win Cash

For all those who want to take a chance playing online casino games but are intimidated by complicated game rules, online Keno is the game for you. The game has all the excitement of playing a real money casino game, but it is simple to learn and simple to play. You do not have to have experience playing and everyone who plays has the same chance of winning. If you feel lucky, that's all you need. Unlike some game like online pokies or other games you would find in an Australian online casino, Keno is basic and simple. Yet it is still fun.

How Keno Works

When you see the online Keno board, you see that it is a board with eighty spaces. Each space is marked with a number. Now, there are eighty balls, also numbered one through eighty. You pick how many balls you want to bet on and which numbers. You can choose to wager on one number or you could bet on up to fifteen. The balls are then drawn at random. You are hoping to get matches between the numbers of the balls drawn and the numbers that you placed a bet on.

Winning at Online Keno

When a ball, if the number matches one of the numbers you picked, you could win. A payout table shows how many correct numbers must be drawn for you to win. In general, the less numbers you select, the fewer matches you need to win. If you pick nine or less numbers, then even if just one number matches you win. The amount you win is also shown in the payout table. Once again, the less numbers you pick and the more matches you have, the higher the payout will be. That's what makes keno one of the most popular of the online casino games. Especially in Australian online casino where players love to bet on a fun and quick way to win some cash. Not surprising, this game is becoming as popular as pokies in the biggest Australian online casino.

Play Keno and other Online Casino Games

When you play Keno and other online casino games, you can bet real money and also win real money. Since the games are online, you can play anywhere and anytime you have a connection to the Internet. Just log on to your favorite Australian online casino (or any other type) and you are ready to play Keno or whatever game you prefer.