Non-Stop Casino Action at All Slots

Beginning February 28, 2023 and going through April 2, 2016, there is going to be non-stop casino action at All Slots for qualified Aussie gamers! All Slots Casino is offering fantastic bonuses to Aussie online casino players who qualify, and there are all kinds of bonuses on the table, including cash back rewards, loyalty points and even concert tickets!

Concerts and Trips

Want to go see your favorite band play live? Well you are in luck because All Slots Casino is offering concert tickets to it's best gamers who qualify for the bonus. Even better, if you qualify, you could win a trip to an exotic location courtesy of All Slots Casino.

Cash Back Bonuses

Throughout the month there will be a number of great cash back offers to those who qualify. These include cash back on making multiple deposits and some more making more than one deposit on a single day. Finally, there is the ultimate cash back offer, namely unlimited cash back on all deposits of the day!

This is on top of the $1630 Aussie bonus already offered by All Slots Casino to those making their first deposits. This fantastic year-round bonus starts with $5 absolutely free with no deposit necessary, and continues with a matching deposit bonus on the first four deposits a player makes.

On your first deposit you will be matched 100% up to $250 AUD, plus receive an additional $10 absolutely free. On your second deposit you will also be matched 100% up to $250 AUD, plus receive an additional $15 free. On your third deposit you will be matched 50% up to $500 AUD and on your fourth deposit you will be matched $50 up to $600 AUD.

Free Spins and Login Bonuses 

In addition to all of this non-stop casino action at All Slots there will be a free spins promotion on certain deposits for Aussie online casino players. Some players will receive free spins for use on all games, and some will receive it for use on specific games.

Also in the cards is a flat bonus just for logging in. You read that correctly, a bonus just for logging on to All Slots Casino! And what's more, if you can believe your eyes, there's could be another bonus coming your way just for logging in using a qualified tablet computer!!

Loyalty Club Rewards

Furthermore, there will also be a promotion offering 5x loyalty points for a certain period. Qualify, and you could rack up some serious VIP status! 

Loyalty points points won here will apply to the Loyalty Club. The Loyalty Club is where gamers receive the rewards of being a hardcore All Slots Casino gamer. As you earn points you move up levels in the loyalty tier system. This system ranks Loyalty Club members in five groups: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Each tier has both entry points and maintenance points. For Bronze it is 1 to get in and 1 to maintain. For Silver it is 300 to enter and 300 to maintain. For Gold it is 2000 to enter and 1500 to maintain. For Platinum it is 8000 and 5000. And for Diamond it is 50,000 and 8000.

From Silver tier on up you get a bonus multiplier on your points. Silver gets 10%, Gold 20%, Platinum 40% and Diamond 50%. This means that you actually accrue more total points as you put more wagers into the system.

At the top tier Diamond level points become redeemable for straight cash. This is the ultimate in tiered rewards from the Loyalty Club system. However, don’t forget that the other tier levels can redeem their points for bonuses. This means that whatever level you begin and end on, during month’s non-stop casino action at All Slots, but also for as long as you play at the Casino, you will be generously rewarded by the house.

Surprise Bonuses

The non-stop casino action at All Slots doesn't stop here. During the promotion period from February 28 - April 2, certain surprise bonuses will be announced! Stay tuned for further news from All Slots Casino...


From cash back rewards to free spins, loyalty points, concert tickets and a free vacation, there are huge bonuses on the line for Aussie online casino players who qualify.  Be sure to stop by All Slots Casino starting the 28th of February all the way through to April 2 for all these amazing opportunities!