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Passport to Riches

Throughout the month of July the Australian casino is featuring lucrative bonus rewards in which you have the chance to use your casino passport and win Passport to Riches at All Slots with big payouts and other generous give-aways. Everyone wins in All Slots promos, regardless of whether you're a high-stakes player or a low-stakes gamer. Via All Slots promos for Australians you can enjoy multiple opportunities to earn your share of the $100,000 in bonus prizes which are being awarded throughout the month of July.

You may be getting ready for your winter vacation or just dreaming of a weekend holiday. The casino wants to help you get the break that you deserve. During the month of July, as you play your regular real money games at All Slots online casino, you'll get your passport stamped, based on the frequency of your gambling activities.  The more stamps you accrue, the more rewards you'll earn. This generous, fun-filled promotion moves your gambling pursuits onto a new level where you can continue playing your preferred games and collecting your payouts while you build up your bonus stamps for the opportunity to earn bonus earnings, souvenirs and the bi-monthly July Draws.  

Throughout the month of July you accumulate stamps in your All Slots July passport, based on your gaming activities. The casino will stamp your passport regardless of your game selection. So you can play traditional table games of baccarat, craps and roulette, card games which include both single-hand and multi-hand variations of blackjack and poker, lotteries such as scratch card, bingo, keno and sic bo or any of the hundreds of online slots. All of these games are included in the July bonus promotion deal so your stamps will increase, no matter which game you prefer to play.

It's time to start dreaming of how you plan to enjoy your Passport to Riches promo payouts  

How to Play

There's $100,000 in the Passport to Riches All Slots promo bank account which will be distributed to winning gamers throughout the month of July.

It's easy to join the July Passport to Riches promo. When you sign into your casino account and play any of your favourite games, you'll earn stamps in your passport. You don't have to make all of your deposits at once – the casino will calculate your gaming activities throughout each week and at the end of the week, based on your deposits, you'll collect your Passport to Riches earnings along with your regular game payouts.

You receive one stamp for each day that you play. As the number of stamps in your passport increase, your guaranteed bonus prizes increase as well.  Plus, there are more rewards waiting for you, thanks to the additional July promo Souvenir Prizes and the Passport to Riches Draw.

For every two to three stamps that are stamped in your passport each week, you receive $50 in Passport cash. For every four to six stamps that you receive each week during the month of July you receive $100 in cash prizes. And, if you receive seven stamps during any of the four promotion weeks you'll earn $150 in cash.

Passport to Riches Draw

There's also a Passport to Riches Draw in which you compete for your share of the $20,000 in Passport to Riches Draw prizes. As you visit new destinations and play more casino games, you receive stamps for every day that you play. The more stamps that are stamped in your passport, the more chances you have to win the big draw.

To enter the draw, submit your account's username to the promo webpage and open your passport. Track the number of stamps that you receive on this page or check your stamp total by going to "My Offers" page where you can keep track of the number of stamps that you have to enter into the draw. The more stamps that you collect, the better your chances of winning Draw prizes. Passport to Riches Draws take place on July 19th and August 2nd so you have two opportunities to win.

Souvenir Prizes

When you receive your 2nd and 4th passport stamps of each week you'll be invited to take some souvenirs home with you. Souvenir prizes include additional loyalty points and free spins on many of the casino's most popular games (or on the Avalon slots for mobile players). The Souvenirs make your journey even more memorable.

Get Started

Enter your username at the promotion page to open your passport. The casino automatically adds your stamps to your passport, with the number of stamps that you receive dependent on the number of deposits that you've made. To participate and win your bonuses, deposit 50 credits or more each promotional period in July. There's a promotion period for each week in July. Promotional periods include:

  • Week 1: July 5 through July 11
  • Week 2: July 12 through July 18
  • Week 3: July 19 through July 25
  • Week 4: July 26 through August 1

The casino will distribute the prizes from the previous week's gaming activities each Sunday, based on the number of stamps that the player received during the previous week.

Keep an eye out for the Souvenir prizes which you are eligible to receive after you collect your second and fourth stamps every week. These souvenir prizes include extra loyalty points for all games in the casino and free spins on featured games.

And of course, don't forget to get ready for the July 19th and August 2nd draws in which $20,000 in credits and bonuses are scheduled to be awarded, $10,000 for each draw.

You must log in and use your bonus points within seven days of receipt – otherwise, the bonus points become invalid.

Gaming Platforms

You can win Passport to Riches at All Slots when you play at the Download Casino on your desktop or laptop PC, on a public computer terminal at the Flash Casino or at the Mobile Casino on your mobile screen. All of your July games are counted towards your passport stamp accumulation, regardless of your gaming platform. This convenient opportunity gives you endless opportunities to earn July bonus passport stamps while you play for real cash prizes. The July bonus payouts are EXTRA All Slots earning since your bonus stamps are added on to the casino's other promotions. These promotions include a Welcome Bonus for new players, Loyalty Points for veteran players and bonuses for playing new games, seasonal games and VIP games.