Win Pharaoh's Treasure at All Slots

According to archaeologists, the ancient pharaohs were gaming fans. Hieroglyphics, picturgraphs and even drawings on ancient tombs provide researchers with a clear understanding of how the Egyptian rulers spent their downtime.

Today, many of the gambling activities that entertained the Egyptian pharaohs have been adapted to 21st century technology. When you play at the Aussie online casino you can enjoy games of chance in the same way that the kings did thousands of years ago.  

Throughout June the All Slots Casino pays homage to the ancient Egyptians with this month's All Slots promo – Pharaoh's Treasure Chest. The casino is giving away $150,000 to participating players who want to turn their regular gambling activities into even more rewarding events. To win your share, simply play your games as you normally do and use your credits to enter the Pharaohs' chambers where you can uncover additional give-aways.

Aussie Monthly Contests

The Pharaoh's Treasure Chest is one of the newest and best of the Aussie monthly contests which give you more rewards for your gambling activities. Everyone has a chance to win Pharaoh's Treasure at All Slots. Just sign into your account and count your credits as you play your favourite games. The more credits you accrue, the more Treasure Chests you'll unlock and the more prizes you'll win.

All Slots offers these monthly contests to provide gamers with extra games and additional payouts with no additional deposits. As you play your regular games you'll find yourself adding bonus prizes onto your earnings via the monthly contests. So just sit back and enjoy the action.

How to Play

The Pharaoh's Treasure Chest Game is played in conjunction with your regular games. After you sign into your casino account you'll head to the games lobby where you'll select your preferred games. The month is divided into eight periods and after each period you'll be presented with the number of treasure chests that you earned.

If you play two to five games during a period, with a minimum of ten credit deposits per game, you'll receive one treasure chest. If you play six to ten games during a period with a minimum of ten credit deposits per game you'll receive two treasure chests. And, if you play eleven or more games during a period with a minimum of ten credit deposits per game you'll receive three treasure chests.  Period dates are:

  • Round 1: June 3rd  through June 6th
  • Round 2: June 7th through June 9th
  • Round 3: June 10th through June 13th
  • Round 4: June 14th through June 16th
  • Round 5: June 17th through June 20th
  • Round 6: June 21st through June 23rd
  • Round 7: June 24th through June 27th
  • Round 8: June 28th through June 30th

The prizes that you find in the treasure chests are yours to keep. Prizes include Free Spins on the Avalon, Terminator II or Golden Princess games (only on Avalon for mobile gamers). You can use all of the Free Spins on one game or you can mix and match the Free Spins through all three games in any desired combination. You can also win a bonus of five to one hundred match bonus gaming credits that you can apply to any of your favourite games,

As soon as you open your treasure chests your bonuses and free spins will automatically be credited to your account. The casino requests that you log in within seven days of your bonus to make use of your credits or free spins. When you play your free spins or bonus credits, all of your wins are real money wins and the payouts are added to your casino bank account.

Gaming Platforms

You can join the Pharaoh's Treasure Chest All Slots Promotion from any gaming platform so regardless of whether you play on your home PC at the Download Casino, on a public console at the Flash Casino or on your smartphone or tablet device at the Mobile Casino you'll be able to take part in this incredible promotion.

Sign into your casino account on your selected device. If you haven't yet established an account you can do so by choosing a username and a password and confirming it via email link. If you're planning on playing on mobile, download the mobile casino app into your smartphone or tablet device.

Enter the games lobby and select your preferred game. The promotion is applicable to any real money gambling activities with any of the casino's games including card games of poker and blackjack, table games which include craps, roulette and bacarrat, lotteries of sic bo, keno, bingo and scratch cards and any of the hundreds of the casino's featured three-reel classic slots or five-reel video slots.

Sign in to make your deposit. You can link your casino account to any of the ebanking alternatives which include evoucher and ewallet programs, echecks, credit and debit cards and internet banks that interface with your local brick-and-mortar banks.

Make at least ten wagers on two to five games to earn an invitation to unlock one treasure chest, six to ten games to earn an invitation to unlock two treasure chests and eleven or more games to earn an invitation to unlock three treasure chests. When the next period begins you'll unlock your treasure chests and you can use your free spins and bonus credits on your next round of games.

Enjoy ancient gambling fun in a 21st century technological environment when you win Pharaoh's Treasure at All Slots.