Three New Casino Licenses in Queensland

There is a lot of talk going about the Aussie casino news update. Queensland that already claims some of the best casino resorts in the country is about to receive up to three new licenses to open more casino resorts including hotels and leisure centres. The Aussie casino news update has been talked about constantly for the past week with many criticisms and much positive feedback. Governors from other states are nervous that the introduction of up to three new casinos in the state of Queensland will saturate the market and take business away from their own states and existing casinos. Positive feedback has come from many areas too where people are claiming that Queensland is slated to become the new Macau and will eventually compete with Macau for the Chinese tourists.

The Pros of the New Casino Licenses

The State Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman is actually the person behind all of these proposed changes. He believes that by offering three new licenses in the state of Queensland there will be a great increase in tourism from locals and also the Chinese market. He wants these licenses to be granted to large companies with much experience who are capable of building top quality resorts that will be award five or six stars. The resorts, similar to the one in Sydney owned by Crown will be a multi cultural centre offering the casino, a luxury hotel, gourmet dining experiences, sports facilities and many special shows that will be brought specially to the resort. These resorts will be outstanding in every way and will be able to compete with the top casino resorts around the world. The target audience is focused on the Chinese tourists but that does not mean that the locals will also not be targeted. One of the fears of many people who are looking at this long term plan is that the State of Queensland simply cannot support more casinos, the investment will be multibillion and the fear is that once complete the resorts will not bring in enough business to make it profitable enough for the players. In addition these new casino resorts will take away business from the existing casinos and eventually one of the casinos will be hit hard financially by this. This is already evident with the Sky City Casino whose revenues have dropped 2.8% in the past year throughout the group that offers a number of casinos throughout Australia and New Zealand.

No Effect on Online Casinos

One of the other speculators of this Australian casino news is that the addition of further casinos to the stage of Queensland will diminish the standing of the online casino Australia that has grown greatly in the past decade. Some thinkers believe that if the Queensland premier decides to skim some of the profits from these new casinos towards the general community in the form of a special tax then it will actually increase the popularity of the casinos and decrease the popularity of the online casino Australia. Other sceptics know that casino resorts are no competition for the online casino Australia that offers a totally different package to its players who are able to enjoy the games from the comfort of their homes at all times of day and night with no entrance fee and no need to spend money on travel in order to get there. The new casino resorts are thought of as a place to go on vacation, players will be able to swim in the pools, leave their children in child care, eat gourmet meals, watch excellent Broadway shows and also play their favourite casino games all under one roof. If the plan does go ahead there will be a lot more employment in the state of Queensland starting with the planning and construction stage right through to the staffing of the resort that includes the maintenance. If handled correctly this Aussie casino news update can prove to be very sensible and a good move by the Premier who is seen to have great vision and also an understanding of the changing face of casinos and gambling in general.