Social Media Gaming News

Today, the social media games that are available to the public in Australia are hot business. Research has shown that Australians are spending approximately 60 million dollars a year on social media gaming applications. These applications allow players to mimic the games they would play at the online or mobile casino, and they can actually be used for both playing while on Facebook and while on a mobile device.

These games offer so many awesome advantages for players in Australia and have been creating Social Media Gaming News and buzz for quite a while now. Facebook is a location that already attracts millions upon millions of users. It makes sense that companies would offer casino games on Facebook, allowing people to use that time when they are hanging out, checking out other people’s statuses and waiting for a message, to entertain themselves and play awesome games. These games include everything from Facebook pokies to Candy Crush.

As one example of the Social Media Gaming News, Candy Crush, for instance, was first released on April 12, 2012. Soon after, in November of that year, it became available on smartphones as well. Developed by King, is has become one of the most popular casino games on facebook and has an average of 46 million monthly users. Its format is incredibly easy and makes it tempting to keep playing and playing. Candy Crush is a basic match-three game where you try to match coloured candies for winning combinations. It’s simple enough that anyone can enjoy playing the casino games on facebook and fast enough that you can play in between other activities you might be doing on facebook or on your smartphone.

Facebook Pokies Fun

Similarly, Facebook pokies have absolutely taken off in Australia and around the world. The Social Media Gaming News reports their vast popularity and that people love the opportunity to have a quick enjoyment of casino games on facebook.

Other Locations for Gaming Fun

With Social Media Gaming News, there are new games all the time. While casino games on facebook and facebook pokies are very popular and exciting, there are other locations to enjoy these games as well. iTunes put out its list in April of the top grossing free-to-play games. These included Slotomania, Slots Pharaoh’s Way, Poker by Zynga, Bingo, Big Fish Casino and others. Unfortunately, some of the recent Social Media Gaming News has focused on the accessibility that kids have to the simulated gambling games that they find such as Candy Crush and Facebook pokies. Much research has been done to look at the easy availability of these games for kids and the need to put curbs on their ability to access such games.

Amazing Gaming Statistics

The statistics for casino games on facebook and other locations are staggering and certainly make us understand why so much attention is pointed in this direction. As Gambling Data (UK) estimated, Australians spend over $60 million on social media games a year. According to a Bloomberg Business report, the digital gaming industry is making billions of dollars and the global online gaming market is set to hit $50 billion US dollars this year, as reported by the US researcher H2 Gambling Capital.

All of this makes the Social Media Gaming News some of the news that is the most front and center in today’s social media world. All eyes are on the exciting world of Facebook pokies and other casino games on facebook and other social media outlets.