Big Kahuna Mobile will Warm you with Winnings

At this time of year, Aussies are happy that they don’t live in the Northern Hemisphere gripped by Old Man Winter.  But no matter where you live, an excursion to a tropical paradise tops most anyone’s Bucket List.  Big Kahuna Mobile invites you to a tropical island where the sweet taste of paradise mixes with your innate heroism to save the Chief and his tribe from a smoking volcano!  Big Kahuna Mobile pokies is one of the most fun Australian mobile pokies games.

No Other Mobile Pokies Games Have Such Delicious Symbols!

Big Kahuna Mobile has an array of magnificently colorful tropical fruits.  Just looking at them will make your mouth water.  When you play Big Kahuna Mobile, you will probably want to stop off at the fruit market on your way home and buy one or two of these succulent beauties!  If you’re playing at home be sure to stock up beforehand.

The fruit symbols replace the 10 to Ace symbols commonly seen on pokies.  In addition to these juicy delicacies, you can see Mr. Lizard, his long tongue darting surreptitiously from his mouth.  He wants your fruit so be careful!  You also will see a hand-carved mask.  The mask symbol sends you to one of the two bonus areas.

The Chief also flies around the reels.  He plays a prominent role in the Volcano Bonus game.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild.  It replaces all the symbols to create wins except the Scatter.  When you get five Wilds you receive a giant $8000 bonus that is multiplied by the bet you made on the winning line!

The goofy, grinning monkey is the Scatter.  Unlike the other symbols, which pay from left to right, the monkey pays in all positions.  In most pokies, the Scatter symbol sends you to the bonus rounds.  In Big Kahuna Mobile, the volcano and the mask are the symbols that whisk you off to the Bonus Games

Volcano Bonus

The volcano smokes like a veritable chimney but seems totally harmless.  The island-folk go about their daily routines without a care in the world.  You would do the same if you lived on this beautiful island with delectable fruits, soft and warm tropical rains, and artistic fellow islanders.  Then, suddenly, three volcanoes appear on the reels and you become the only hope of the islanders to survive the imminent threat posed by the volcano!  The soft tropical rains become a thunderstorm with lightning bolts streaking across the island sky. 

The volcano will blow its stack at any moment!  Only you can save the island culture you have been enjoying during your erstwhile quiet sojourn.  The Chief is there to worry for his tribe and to encourage you to be brave.  According to island lore, the mountain can be mollified only by a ritual sacrifice of a single fruit.  The fruits are lined up on the screen.  Time is short.  You must decide!  You choose a fruit and your heroic bravery saves the day!   The mountain quiets and you return to your idyll, somewhat subdued by your harrowing adventure but also rewarded, first with a nice cash bonus from the Chief and also at having proved worthy of the Chief’s and the islanders’ faith in you.  Yet, you know that you may be returned to the Mountain Bonus at any time, to do your brave best and reap the appropriate reward.

Mask Bonus

One of the cultural wonders that the island is known for is its wood carving artists. These artists specialize in masks.  You see one such mask on the reels in the regular game and a thing of beauty it is.  But you yearn to see more.  Three mask symbols on the reels send you to the Mask Bonus.  Here eight beautifully hand-carved masks are on display.  Under five of them is a cash bonus.  Under three of them is “collect”.  You choose masks and accrue the cash bonuses until you choose a “collect” mask.  You are then credited with your accumulated bonus and return to the regular game.

We always tell our vacationers, er players, to spend a little time admiring the handiwork evident in the masks.  There’s no need in the Mask Bonus to act quickly, unlike the pressure you’re under in the Volcano Bonus to save the island.  So, take your time.  Savor the tropical artistry on display.  Then make your choices.

The islanders will appreciate your attention to their art work so, if you get the “collect” mask on your first pick, they’ll give you a nice consolation prize!

Big Kahuna Moble Online Since January

Big Kahuna fans have been waiting for one of their favorite pokies to become a mobile pokies game.  Big Kahuna Mobile came online a mere few weeks ago but already has generated much excitement in the world of Australian mobile pokies games.  We wait in too many queues!  But now we can immerse ourselves in the adventures of slithery lizard, grinning monkey, belching volcano, stern Chief, exquisite masks, and the sweetest assortment of tropical fare this side of Siberia!  So hurry on over to your favourite Aussie mobile casino and get spinning!