Racing For Pinks Online Pokies

If you’re looking for a unique game that has an American feel and is filled with fun, the Racing For Pinks Online Pokies is the place to be. This new online pokies game from Microgaming is based on street racing and features many players and their race cars revving up and ready to ride. The term “racing for pinks” if it’s one that you don’t know, means a street race with high stakes, and that’s just what they want you to feel with the online pokies casino game here.

Fun with Pinks

The way that the racing for pinks real races work is that the racers actually place their cars as the collateral for the race rather than betting money. The winner of the race then gets the losers’ cars. Pretty crazy, but it’s true. You’ve probably seen something like this in the video game Grand Theft Auto and in the film series Fast and the Furious. With Racing For Pinks Online Pokies you’ll have the same excitement as with the real races that people do. Now, Racing For Pinks Online Pokies is a five reel game with the 243 Ways to Win set up. This means that you can win in hundreds of different ways, increasing the fun you’ll have in Australia with online pokies casino games.

Bonus Fun

As part of the Racing For Pinks Online Pokies game, there is a bonus round where you can be part of the racing. Here, in the new online pokies game, you can wager on one of two cars and pick the winner to get an increasing multiplier. There are five total races and the prize will increase each time that you are right about your winning prediction. With your first win, in the real money online pokies machine game, you’ll have a 5x multiplier and a 15x with your second. In your third win with the online pokies casino game you’ll have a 35x multiplier and with your fourth you’ll have a 75x multiplier. Finally, your fifth awesome win will give you a whopping 175x multiplier.

More Racing Fun

There are other fun options with Racing For Pinks Online Pokies as well. Watch for the hot racing girl symbol which is a scatter and will give you 30 free spins when you hit three or more. Get ready for all of the fun offered by this real money online pokies machine game. As Mike Hebden, Microgaming’s Head of Games explains, “Racing for Pinks is a great addition to our slot portfolio; the game will really appeal to players looking to get in on the action of car racing. The combination of an exhilarating theme, apt soundtrack, sharp graphics and a wealth of game features, will make this slot a new favourite among players.” Rev your engine and get ready to play today.