3 Card Poker; the Most Popular Of Online Casino Games

3 Card Poker may be a card game with a long history but it is also one of the most popular modern online casino games. Behind pokies, 3 Card Poker is definitely the most played game at every Australian online casino. The game of 3 Card Poker is very simple and the concept does not take long to grasp. 3 Card Poker is in fact playing two games in one. At the beginning of every round, the player has the option of placing 2 bets. He in fact does not have to place the second bet which is called the Pair Plus bet but it is definitely worth doing so as the odds are high and it can give you a better pay out.

Initial Betting Options for 3 Card Poker

Before cards are dealt when playing 3 Card Poker, the player needs to place his first bet. This is called the Ante. The cards are then dealt and the player can look at his cards but the dealer's cards are not seen. It is at this stage that the player has to decide if he wants to fold or to continue playing if he thinks his hand is better and will win. If the player continues then he needs to place a bet again which is called the play bet. The cards are then revealed and the winner is determined based on the value of the hands. The highest hand of course wins. In addition, if the player has placed a pair plus bet which is a bet on landing a hand with a pair or more then he also wins this bet.

Simple = Fun with Online Casino Games Like 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is most definitely one of the simplest of the online casino games and especially the simplest in the table games category. Because of this simplicity it is also one of the most popular card games and you will find it at every Australian online casino. There are different versions of 3 Card Poker which include multi-players and multi-hands. These of course make the game more competitive and exciting but the basic rules stay the same as do the winning hand configurations. Playing 3 Card Poker is fun and exciting and there is a definite thrill to the game because of the unknown that it offers as it is a game based on luck mainly.