Play Pokies at any Australian Online Casino

Pokies are the best loved of all online casino games at any Australian online casino. Of course, for the rest of the world pokies means slots, but that makes no difference to the Australians.

Pokies are loads of fun to play. You can try them for free just to see what each game looks like, or you can go straight into pokies for real money to see how much you can win.

How to Play Pokies

Pokies are played exactly like all other slots games, and if you are into online casino games, then you will be playing pokies just like any other online slots games.

Pokies come in many different varieties. There are the traditional and old fashioned three and five reel, one pay line types that display those old symbols: bells, cards, cherries and lemons. And there are multi-reel, multi pay line, multi coin games with all kinds of special features that give you more chances and opportunities to collect winnings.

The way to play pokies online, whether at an Australian online casino or any other, is to choose your coin denomination, choose the number of coins you wish to bet, choose the number of reels you wish to activate, then press your Spin button and wait to see what happens. You can either collect a win or not. There is no strategy to playing pokies. All the spins are computer randomly generated, as in most online casino games. It is all a matter of luck.

Australian Online Casino Pokies Special Features

Many of the pokies online casino games have special features, such as:

Wild symbols which substitute for images to create winning combinations

Scatter symbols which when three or more appear on activated reels they usually take you to a Free Spins feature with multipliers

Bonus symbols which are special images related to the pokies themes which take you to a second screen and a bonus game where you often get tripled wins

Progressive jackpots that grow every time someone bets on the pokies

All these special features make pokies very exciting and entertaining online casino games which any Australian online casino is happy to offer. One important fact to remember is that the special features, and, in particular, the progressive jackpots, only get triggered if you are playing the maximum number of reels and coins. It pays to check these things out when you begin your adventure with the pokies.