Try UseMyWallet for All Online Banking Needs

UseMyWallet is a popular option for anyone looking for safe online banking options when playing an at Australian online casino. While there are many online "e-wallets" that hold money for players who want to bet at online casinos, UseMyWallet is more secure because it functions by invitation only. In order to get an account, a player must register with a casino that accepts UseMyWallet and then request an invitation to open a UseMyWallet account.The precaution helps eliminate fraud and ensures a safe online banking experience for those who use the service. Virtually any Australian online casino accepts payments through UseMyWallet, so there is little reason for anyone who plans to do some betting not to open an account.

A Trusted Name in the Australian Online Casino

Another reason UseMyWallet is more secure than other e-wallets operating around the Australian online casino is the limited number of ways people can deposit money into their UseMyWallet accounts. The service only accepts wire transfers from a person's personal bank account, credit card deposits, or Western Union deposits. That way, the money is accounted for from the moment it leaves the account to the moment it arrives in the UseMyWallet account, leaving no chance of fraud or theft. People who use the service can feel confident that they are using a safe online banking method, and casinos can feel confident that all debts will be covered by the UseMyWallet users. UseMyWallet's twin security system - requiring casinos to send invitations to users and limiting the ways people can deposit money - makes the entire system more secure, leaving players to focus on their betting without concerns about how they would cover any potential losses.

UseYourWallet is the Safe Online Banking Option

Once money is deposited into a UseMyWallet account, however, the experience is simple. Transferring money to an Australian online casino account is quick and easy. Simply click on the UseMyWallet icon on the casino's website. UseMyWallet will then confirm the transfer. After that, the money will arrive at its intended destination almost instantly. Since casinos have to recommend a person before he can open an UseMyWallet account, it stands to reason that casinos will require a clean record over a certain period to qualify for the account. It may take some time and effort to open a UseMyWallet account, but the security of safe online banking makes it worth it.