Aussie online casino players now have the option to conduct their online banking transactions with a proven safe banking solution. UseMyFunds allows players to make online casino deposits directly from their local bank accounts and deposit their winnings straight back into their accounts.  In addition, this convenient Internet banking solution gives gamers the ability to conduct their online transactions with a virtual Voucher which can then be used with many participating casinos and businesses.

Aussie Online Casino Banking

To begin playing online casino games using UseMyFunds, simply indicate the online casino game that you'd like to play. The casino will direct you to the banking page where you can select "UseMyFunds" as your preferred payment method. Select your bank and enter your bank account number to indicate which bank account you wish to use to make your online casino deposit. After clicking "Approve," UseMyFunds will notify the casino of your deposit and you can immediately begin to play.

Withdrawals are conducted in the same manner. When you're ready to withdraw your funds, notify the online casino. The casino will deposit your winnings directly into your UseMyFunds account and you can then transfer the funds into your own bank account or use the funds to pay for something directly from your UseMyFunds account.

Your deposits and withdrawals will generate a receipt which you will receive in the email account that you used when you set up your UseMyFunds account. An account of your transactions may also be viewed on your UseMyFunds account webpage.

UKash Card

The UKash card also allows Aussie online casino players to make purchases and deposits through a prepaid voucher which you can fund through your UseMyFunds account. The UKash voucher gives you the opportunity to conduct transactions for which you would normally need a credit card -- but with the UKash card, you don't need a credit card. You can load up your UKash card through your bank account or with cash at any one of the many Australian merchants who accept UKash cards.

Additionally, you can have your casino winnings deposited directly to your UKash card. You then have the opportunity to use the funds on your UKash card to conduct a variety of purchasing and banking transactions. This alternative to credit cards is the newest form of safe and secure banking which expands your payment options for Australian online casinos, merchants and many other businesses.

Safe Banking

UseMyFunds offers clients a safe banking alternative which takes all steps to ensure a secure and private banking experience. Clients' emails are not shared with any merchants. UseMyFunds occasionally contacts users by email to inform them of special promotions or new features but you can opt out of such announcements. In addition, your UseMyFunds card number and login/password is passed to your financial institution through a secure encryption to ensure your privacy and security.