The Obvious Safe Banking Option

ClickandBuy is an obvious safe banking method for anyone playing at an Australian online casino. In fact ClickandBuy is not limited just to the Australian online casino players as it is available in over 30 countries around the world and can be used in 23 different currencies. The way that ClickandBuy works is very simple and you can open an account in no time at all. You can open your ClickandBuy account via the Australian online casino safe banking section or via the ClickandBuy website.

How to Open a ClickandBuy Account

In order to open the ClickandBuy account you have to register all of your personal details with them including your bank account, the whole site is totally secure. ClickandBuy then takes a small amount of money out of your bank account as a way of verifying your account, you need to tell them the amount that was taken out and with the correct answer your ClickandBuy account becomes active. Deposits can be made in a number of ways to your ClickandBuy account, via wire transfers, credit cards and debit cards. With a deposit in your account you are ready to play at the Australian online casino of your choice.

Available for the International and Australian Online Casino

ClickandBuy is available at many online casinos and is considered to be the prime example of safe banking. None of your personal banking details are transferred to the casino and each and every transaction is fully encrypted, fast and efficient. You can also withdraw any of your online casino winnings through this safe banking method and the best thing of all is you have another 7000 merchants online which accept ClickandBuy where you can spend your winnings. Or, if you prefer you can of course just keep them in your ClickandBuy account for a later date when you decide to play at a different or the same Australian online casino.

ClickandBuy Customer Support

The beauty of ClickandBuy is of course that you are placing bets and receiving your winnings in your local currency, the Australian dollar which means you do not lose out on any exchange rates. At many of the online casinos including some of the Australian online casino options you can also enjoy additional bonus percentage payouts for using this safe banking method on your first deposit. ClickandBuy also offers a fantastic customer support which together with the customer support of the online casino is available around the clock. This safe banking method gives you speed, security and of course versatility. What more could you want for your game play at an Australian online casino?