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Online Banking Alternatives to PayPal

Although PayPal is possibly the best known of the online payments facilitators, it is far from the only way to transfer money from one account to another. PayPal began as an in-house payments facilitator for Ebay, but has since become independent of Ebay and is known and used worldwide. Unfortunately, PayPal does not work with Aussie online casinos. This is actually not a problem at all for Aussie casino gamers because while PayPal is the best-known, it is not the only alternative nor is it unequivocally the best. There are many alternatives to PayPal, many of which are used extensively and safely by Aussie online casinos and players. These alternatives are just as good as PayPal, as we shall see in this in-depth report on banking for online gamers.

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Function of all Payment Facilitators

Every payment facilitator helps bring the player and the casino together for both deposits, movement of funds toward the casino, and withdrawals, movement of funds toward the players. Money transfers are usually quite simple; it is in everyone’s best interest for the transfer of money to be hassle-free and easy. Payment facilitators are not banks in any modern sense of the word: they don’t lend money, they don’t give interest, and they don’t have a reserve requirement. They have the obligation to have all of every player’s money on hand digitally so players can access their funds whenever they want to.

Secure Methods to Transfer Money

Let’s first review the several methods almost everyone in our modern world uses regularly to transfer money. Most people have at least one credit card. We don’t think twice about handing it over when we make a purchase.

Credit cards are so pervasive in our society that many of us willingly give the number over the phone or online. No doubt, security is your primary consideration when you decide to transfer money online. Despite the fact that most people don’t hesitate to use their credit card online, many people, especially old-timers who never shopped online in the past because they grew to adulthood before the internet marketplace took off, still are leery of giving their credit card number over the telephone or online. The many alternative methods of transferring money solve this problem.

A common alternative to credit cards is debit cards. Whereas credit cards usually have a very high debt limit, debit cards have only as much debt limit as you put on them.

Everyone who puts their money in a bank has a parallel checking account. We may use checks less than we did a few decades ago, but we still can use checks to deposit money in a casino. Your private bank account is already online so you can deposit money to the casino and withdraw money from the casino through your bank account online.

Money orders may be the most old-fashioned method to transfer money but it is still the preferred method of some players. Therefore, most casinos accept money orders.

The internet has been instrumental in creating a new class of online transaction facilitators: the electronic wallet. These sprang up because many players didn’t want to divulge personal financial information to any business online. Every reputable and reliable casino has an encrypted security system to keep your information secret and hidden from the prying eyes of hackers. Nevertheless, for the sake of maintaining absolute confidence amongst their clientele, casinos work seamlessly with e-wallets to receive and disburse funds.

Just as an aside: In order to maintain absolute confidence amongst their clientele, casinos also willingly follow regulatory requirements and are open about the integrity of their games. A company called ECogra, for example, tests casino games monthly for their integrity and reports to the players regarding Return to Player percentages. Every trustworthy online casino maintains complete transparency regarding these reports and makes them available to players at all times.

Visa and MasterCard

These are the two most common credit cards in Australia. Visa especially has spread out and has several cards under the Visa umbrella. Every online casino uses at least one of the several Visa cards. To deposit or withdraw with Visa or MasterCard, you click on the proper icon on the casino’s homepage or in its “banking” webpage. The first time you use the credit card to transfer money, you will have to give the card number and card security code. You should be asked to do this only the first time you deposit or withdraw.

Although every casino uses state-of-the-art encryption to guarantee the safety of your money and information, many casinos will allow you to give the information over the telephone instead of through the internet.

Visa and MasterCard are the most widely used cards in Australia but online casinos accept other cards, primarily American Express. The rules are the same.

There may be a small fee imposed by the credit card company for transactions, but it is usually quite minimal. You will hardly notice it.

One advantage of using a credit card is the relatively high limits you can obtain with them. However, many gamers prefer not to give their credit card number or don’t want a payment method with such a high limit.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are similar to credit cards with two very big differences:

  • You cannot exceed your debit card limit. This means that while you can incur hefty credit card debt if you are not careful, you can never incur debit card debt. It is impossible.
  • To reload a debit card you have to go to the debit card processing center and put money into the card.

Casinos accept your debit card information and credit your account accordingly.


This is a company that sells cards similar to debit cards. You go to a Paysafecard location and buy a card. The cards cannot be reloaded but you can buy as many as you want. This is another way online gamers control their deposits and maintain their personal commitment to responsible gaming.


This is neither a credit card nor a debit card. It is a voucher, meaning it has a unique code that the casino accepts for deposits. To obtain a UKash voucher, you have to go to a UKash centre. There are many of them in every city in Australia. The UKash centres may be at convenience stores, computer stores, or any other business that wishes to provide this service to its customers. UKash can be used to make any purchase which is why retail outlets are fond of offering it to customers.

When you buy a voucher, you receive a long voucher number. To deposit money at the casino, you enter the entire code. It seems complicated and error-prone at first but gamers who want to keep their financial and other information away from the internet, quickly learn just how convenient UKash is.

Direct Money or MoneyGram

This is another method of money transfer available to Aussies. You transfer money at a Direct Money outlet. There is a minimum transfer, usually $100, and a maximum as well. The maximum may vary but it rarely exceeds $3000. Most casinos accept only one such transfer per day.


EcoCard is an electronic wallet. The advantage of using an electronic wallet is that you rely on their encryption system not the casino’s. Every casino swears by the safety of its encryption but some gamers feel more secure using an e-wallet.

You register with EcoCard. They offer many ways to transfer funds to your EcoCard. From there you transfer the funds to the casino.

Skrill or Moneybookers

Moneybookers has become Skrill and the quality of its service has remained top line. Skrill is an e-wallet similar to EcoCard. Many online gamers who choose to use an electronic wallet to facilitate money transfers never check out other e-wallets. The best e-wallets are all highly reputable and trustworthy. It is their business to be so. The only real reason to use one e-wallet over another is if the processing fees are less at one.


This is another excellent e-wallet. Its mode of operation is pretty much the same as every other e-wallet. Almost every online casino that Aussies frequent uses NETeller.

POLIpayments or POLI

This may not yet be the method of first choice for most Aussie gamers, but it is quickly becoming widely popular. Every Aussie deals with POLI regularly. It serves as post office, parcels delivery service, insurer, banker, provider of internet commerce services, and facilitator of money transfers online.

When you use POLI you don’t have to give over your financial data. This is because POLI works through your personal bank. All your private information is already safely stored in your bank’s data base. POLI merely acknowledges your bank account to the casino and the money is transferred automatically.

You will have to sign up with your bank for online banking. In today’s fast-paced world, almost everyone with money in the bank is already signed up for online banking. With POLI, the transfer goes smoothly and quickly.

Other Banking Options

We can’t cover every single company that an Aussie online casino uses for banking purposes. When you feel that you want to register at a casino, check their banking section. It should be thorough and clearly written. Any banking option it has that we haven’t covered should be readily understandable for your comfort and safety.


When a player has played online for a while and wishes to withdraw funds, he or she is sometimes surprised to discover that the method they used to deposit is not available for withdrawals. We advise everyone who wishes to play at an online casino to verify the withdrawal details at any given casino before depositing there.

Withdrawals should be as simple as depositing. When you use an e-wallet, the withdrawal process is usually the mirror image of the depositing process. If you have deposited directly from your bank account, you might find that it takes too long for money to be returned to your account.

Being certain that you can get your money when you want it requires you read the terms and conditions as they apply to withdrawals. These legal details are sometimes difficult for the layperson to parse. This leads us to another extremely important aspect of casino banking:


When players think of support they usually think about getting help with the casino interface or with a game. The screen may have gone blank, the game may not be responding, the game may be playing too fast or too slow, the player may not understand the rules. In any online casino, offering hundreds of games, bonuses, promotions, gifts, and more, there will occasionally be a glitch or two. This is what most people think about when they think about support: glitch resolution.

Players should be able to get support about banking issues as well. Every online casino has a support system. Most offer 24/7 support. Before you register and deposit at any casino, we urge you to access the casino’s support network. You ought to be able easily to reach someone who can help you decide which banking method to use, choosing the method not only because depositing is easy but, even more so, because withdrawing is easy, fast, fair, and secure.

Playing is Fun; Banking is Necessary

We began this long banking review to demonstrate the many sound banking services available to online gamers. We hope the review has been helpful and that your gaming will be as much fun as your banking is smooth and secure.