Why Entropay Is Preferred

The Australian online casino sphere has not been able to offer electronic payment systems until very recently. Most Australian online casino players were required to use a credit or debit card to fund their online casino gambling.

However, with the relatively new Entropay electronic financial payment solution, the Australian online casino players have found a system of safe banking and Entropay is listed with most online casinos as a preferred banking option.

Entropay is a preferred option because it is a prepaid account and is based on Visa. It is, in fact, a prepaid virtual Visa card. Because Visa is well known to the Australian online casino world, Entropay has become a popular system and a safe banking system with which to fund Australian online casino gambling.

Some Information about Entropay

Entropay was developed and is fully operated by Ixaris Systems Ltd. registered in England. It is certified by the UK Financial Services Authority to issue electronic money. With this in mind, any Australian online casino is certain that Entropay is a reliable, reputable and safe banking system.

When you register with Entropay, you are required to supply them with the debit or credit card you intend to use to upload funds onto your Entropay Card. You will then be asked to supply a user name and password. All of this personal data is secured and stored safely by Entropay’s sophisticated security measures. Once this has been accomplished, it is simple and easy to fund any Australian online casino games with your Entropay card.

Because the Entropay Card is a prepaid virtual Visa, there is no waiting to confirm your casino deposit. It is a hassle free system and safe banking system for online gaming.

In the Australian online casino arena, Entropay is definitely one of the preferred banking options available to fund online casino gaming. It is cost free, simple and easy to register, and certainly a safe banking system for funding online casino games.

Entropay also has an efficient and easy to reach customer service support department available to help any Australian online casino players should they encounter a problem with their Entropay prepaid card. Entropay is dedicated to giving reliable service to all players registered with them.

So sign up now with Entropay and begin your safe banking online casino gaming immediately.