Safe Online Banking for an Australian Online Casino

As more and more Australians play online casino games, there is a great need for a payment method that is safe, secure, and works with Australian bank accounts. While many of the bigger online financial transaction networks do not accept Australian dollars, POLi is one that does. POLi will at most any Australian online casino and provides safe online banking so that you can pay for your games and collect your winnings with a few clicks.

What is Poli?

POLi facilitates online payments so that members can use their internet banking accounts to safely pay for goods and services purchased online, as well as funding casino accounts at the best Aussie online casinos. POLi works great for those who either do not have credit cards, or have them but would feel safer not using them for online gaming. When you use POLi to fund your casino account, everything is done within the security of your existing online banking account facility. You never have to give you personal banking details to any third party. It really is an ideal solution to work with an Australian online casino.

How does POLi work?

Most casinos will have a banking page. Simply click on this tab and you will see which safe online banking solutions the casino accepts. If POLi is listed, then you should go to the POLi homepage and download the software. This is a one time step. Then, all you need to so is return to the Australian online casino page and select POLi from the banking list. Then just follow the instructions. It can be set up in almost no time and then you are ready to play.

Safe online banking with POLi?

The POLi Web browser uses some of the most advanced security features available on the internet. POLi itself never has access to your internet banking identifier or password. You enter the directly when you log onto your online bank account. The rest of the process takes place using the security of your internet banking facility. When you want to play online casino games, you don't want to have to worry about complicated or risky banking transactions. POLi takes the worry out of online gaming so you can focus on the real fun – playing Aussie online casino games. It really is a great solution for Australian gamers who cannot use many of the other financial payment methods.