Hitman Mobile Pokies

Get hit with the fun and excitement of mobile pokies today with Hitman Mobile Pokies. You’ll love playing this game if you have a strong stomach and a penchant for a bit of violence and macabre excitement. These are definitely traits displayed with mobile pokies Australia games like Hitman pokies on mobile – and for those who love these types of dark-themed games, this is the one for you.

Movies and Games

The Hitman Mobile Pokies game is modeled after the hit movie that starred Timothy Olyphant. First, of course, came the online version of the Hitman story line. The movie was molded into the online game that people loved and flocked to play. Now, with mobile pokies Australia, players can take their playing interest one step further and really enjoy their Aussie mobile pokies games. This means that they can join Agent 47 on his next adventure straight from their mobile device. This could include their iPad, iPod, Android, and other devices and they can go along for the ride as the Hitman works his magic.

The Look and Feel

Now, as you first enter the world of the Hitman Mobile Pokies you’ll see that everything is in the shadows. There is a feeling of the ominous here and you see Hitman from the back. The symbols that he has with him all align with the look and feel of the guy who has been hired to be a hitman. These include the knife and guns, the sniper rifle, the wire for strangling the next victim, the Hitman insignia and more. There is also the computer so that he can get his next assignment and the wade of cash so that he can make a living, even if it’s a scary one. The story starts as you hear the voice over say, “He’ll get the job done. He always does. Nothing can stop him.” And then you’re ready for the action to begin.

Getting into the Game

Agent 47 is the first symbol that you’ll want to watch for with the Hitman Mobile Pokies game. He is wild and will expand vertically and cover up the third reel. You’ll get into the Insignia bonus game when you have three Insignia symbols on reels one, two and three. You’ll then pick one Insignia symbol and get a bonus jackpot that is as high as 20 times your bet. There is a contract bonus game here too that you get into with three computer symbols with the Hitman pokies on mobile game. Here, with Aussie mobile pokies, you’ll see five targets and also five weapons. You’ll pick one of each and then see what bonus amount you got and what multiplier you have. Your total bonus will then be those multiplied for your contract bonus game jackpot. There are also free spins here, and with the mobile pokies Australia game you get to them when you have three “18” symbols scattered on the reels. And the wins that you have with this part of the Hitman Mobile Pokies game are doubled.

This is certainly not a game for the faint of heart. It’s a game that will keep you on your toes and in the shadows of some dark and dangerous business. It’s perfect for anyone who gets a thrill from the hidden underworld and Hitman Mobile Pokies will definitely take you there. With this Aussie mobile pokies game, you can take Agent 47 on the run with you anywhere that you need to be. And you can have a blast each and every time that you want to have some extra entertainment. The Agent is on the run and you can join in his excitement today.