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Checking out Casino La Vida Aussie online casino? If so, you probably want to know everything about its games, since the more you will love the games, the more you will enjoy at the casino! Luckily, one of the main reasons Casino La Vida Online Casino is considered so popular among gamblers is since it offers a wide variety of great online casino games everybody loves!

Once you create your real money account, you will be able to start playing multiple pokies games, video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and progressive jackpots games! In the Games page there are links to the different sections, which also include explanations of the different types of games. This way, even if you are unfamiliar with one of the types of games offered in La Vida, you will be able to learn everything required about them in no time, and to play, win, and enjoy everything the casino offers you!

New Members Receive Up to $750!

The first steps at a new casino are always most memorable, and La Vida Casino wants to make sure your memories will be as happy as possible! In order to guarantee that, a special online casino bonus is offered to all players, and it is called the Welcome Bonus!

The first bonus a player places at the casino is followed by a 100% match up bonus which can get up to $450 free! Players who choose to seize this bonus to the most will start their very first game at the casino with $900 immediately, when half of it was the casino's grant! This is a wonderful opportunity for players to try out new games they weren't familiar with, to give a shot to some new techniques they only heard of so far, and simply to have a lot of FUN!

The second deposit the players will make at the casino, will grant them with a 150% match up bonus. This bonus can reach up to $300, and this way gamblers can enjoy a total grant of $750!

Each bonus will be credited to the players upon receiving, successfully, their deposit, and the second deposit should be placed no later than 7 days days after the first purchase was made. Players want to make sure they do not cash out after their first deposit, since doing so will forfeit their eligibility to enjoy the second one. Players who wish to withdraw their funds, and to seize the whole Welcome Bonus are advised to wait until they place their second bet and receive the bonus.

Casino Promotions – Everyone Wins!

If you thought the Welcome Bonus is the most rewarding package the casino has to offer you, you better think again! Casino La Vida Online Casino lets players enjoy a lot of promotions on a constant basis, so even after their New Player's package is fully seized, they can still increase their chances to win a lot of credits and free spins in moments, and to have a completely thrilling gambling experience at the casino!

As you will navigate to the Promotions' page, you will be able to see all of the current and past promotions the casino offers its players. This will give you a pretty good idea of what being a member of this casino is like, and you will get to learn what is expecting you there in the upcoming months. Usually each month a new monthly promotion is released.

Gamblers who will check the promotions page during March 2016 will find out “Win 1 of 3 Las Vegas Double Prize Packages” is the current promotion. The gamblers will be able to scratch their way to the to unique and fun instant prizes, and to win a lot of rewards points. Every 100 Rewards points players win, will grant them with 1 ticket to the Las Vegas Draw. Moreover, every time players fill up an arrow and reach 100%, they win a chance to scratch for an additional instant prize.

Past promotions at the casino were just as thrilling, and gave players the opportunity to enjoy shared prizes of $200,000, to unlock $160,000 in Demolition Dan promo, play three different versions of the popular promotion Wheel of Wishes, and to make the most out of the many gambling offers which were released each month. There is absolutely no doubt the members of this casino benefit most!

Loyalty Programs, Loyalty Rewards, and Special Benefits!

So, the Welcome Bonus is over, and you know that you can enjoy the monthly promotions at any given time… but you give your heart and soul to the casino, and you feel it's time to get something back… for loyal players like you, the casino created the loyalty programs which grants with great rewards to the gamblers, according to their gaming behaviour.

Eventually, the more players play and wager, the more loyalty points they will be able to collect, and the greater their bonuses at the casino become.

The Loyalty Program consists of six different tiers, which players will be able to get into as they keep on playing and winning.

The tiers, their bonuses, and the entrance conditions are:

Silver – entrance is automatic upon creating a real money account and making a deposit. Upon joining the Silver tier, players are immediately qualified for a grant of 2,500 points free. Unlike some other bonuses, this grant is available only for the Silver tier's members. Moreover, members of this tier can redeem their rewards for cash (and not only bonuses), and can participate in weekly promotions!

Gold – in order to enter this tier, players should win at least 10,000 points in one calendar month. Similarly to the Silver members, the Gold tier members are qualified for weekly promotions, and the ability to redeem their points to cash. Additionally, Gold members are qualified for 25,000 bonus points on their birthdays, they enjoy 5% accelerated winnings in comparison to the Silver members, and receive 10,000 monthly loyalty bonus points. If all of that is not enough, every time Gold members win 100 points, they receive additional 5 points for free!

Platinum – entrance to the Platinum tier is subject to a win of at least 25,000 points in a calendar month, and the members can enjoy an access to the weekly promotions, as well as the ability to redeem points for cash. When playing on their birthdays, the Platinum members can enjoy 50,000 bonus points, and their monthly loyalty bonus is of 30,000. The winnings are 10% accelerated in comparison to those of the Silvers, and for every 100 points won, the players receive additional 10 points for free!

Diamond – Diamond is the highest tier in the program, and it requires a win of 75,000 points in one calendar month for entrance. Redeeming points for cash and participating in weekly promotions is an automatic privilege of these players, as well as the ability to win 100,000 points as they play in on their birthdays. The ongoing monthly bonus offered to the Diamond members is a grant of 50,000 points, and the wins are 15% accelerated in comparison to those of the Silver players. Last but not least is the free points bonus, of 15 points, which is received every time the players win additional 100 points!

Your Money Is Safe!

Always wanted to keep your money safe as you gamble? Choosing the right casino to deposit and withdraw your funds at is an essential step in order to make that happen! As you register this casino, you will be able to use the best companies in the industry in order to make your transactions, such as Skrill, Neteller, MasterCard, and Visa!

Now with all the corners covered, you're all set to go:  Go, go Casino La Vida!