Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonus

Every top level casino has a solid Welcome Package for new players.  The casinos featured at the Australian Mobile Casino all have excellent Welcome Packages one of which we will detail later.  However, many online casinos go a step further; they offer a no deposit bonus before you make a single real money deposit.  This particular type of bonus is becoming ever more popular as casinos look for ways to get new players to try out their casino. The Australian Mobile Casino no deposit bonus, as we will describe later, is but one of many such bonuses being offered by a growing number of online casinos.

In addition, casinos are not the only online gaming sites offering no deposit bonuses. Poker rooms, sports betting sites, and bingo halls have begun to make these excellent offers as well. The Australian Mobile Casino no deposit bonus is for five dollars. No deposit bonuses are usually for a small sum of cash. You may ask, “What’s five dollars? What can I do with five dollars?” This is certainly a valid question so we will discuss the no deposit bonus at some length to give you a full understanding of what it means.

Three Types of No Deposit Bonuses

The three types are: free cash, free spins, and free play (aka free time).

Free Cash Bonuses

Five dollars can go a long way as a free cash bonus. It’s important that you understand the intention of mobile casinos offering a no deposit bonus. The casino wants you to go from game to game, making small bets, enjoying commensurate small winnings. All the casinos that offer a no deposit bonus are confident that after playing in this manner for a while, you will be motivated to deposit and make larger wagers.

The casinos want you to try out their large library of pokies.  You can wager as little as one cent per spin, so $5 can give you 500 spins.  A one cent bet will not give you all the paylines, of course, but your goal is to try as many games as possible, to get a feel for the casino, all to help you decide whether to deposit money there or not.

Casinos that offer free cash bonuses want you to play pokies.  They incentivize pokies but you can use the free cash at any game that the casino allows.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Rather than give you free cash to play with, some casinos offer a slightly different type of no deposit bonus: free spins.  Many casinos offer a large number of free spins after you deposit.  Here we are talking about free spins before you deposit.

These free spins are for pokies.  There may be a list of pokies you can use your free spins to play with.  It doesn’t matter how many pokies you can play in accordance with the casino’s guidelines; your strategy for using the free spins should be the same.  

Maximize Your No Deposit Bonus

The following advice applies to both free spin bonuses and free cash bonuses, since we’ve seen that free cash bonuses, used prudently, can equal quite a large number of free spins.

Open as many pokies as you can.  You will see a screenshot of the pokie.  The screenshot should give you some idea of the graphics and the theme of the pokie.  If the pokie’s graphics or theme are not to your suiting, don’t use your precious free money or free spins on it.  Some pokies players especially like bright, colorful pokies while others also enjoy the darker ones because the darker ones often signify an adventure theme.

Basically, you decide how many free wagers or free spins you will use on each of the pokies you’ve opened.  The casinos that offer the most free cash or the most free spins should have an advantage here, but free cash or free spins should never be the only reason to choose a casino.

Special Advice to True Newbies

Keep in mind that we are talking about new players at the casino.  Although rare in Australia — our love of pokies is well-known— a new player may never have played pokies before.  Whether you are a true neophyte or someone who’s played pub pokies for years, as a new player at an online casino, there are things to look for as you take your free spins.

  • Is the music appealing or annoying?  The software producers go to great lengths to find background music and sounds that are both easy to listen to and fit the theme of the pokie; but their hard work is not infallible, so if you don’t like the music or background sounds, move on.
  • Does the story being told interest you?  This is a subjective question, to be sure; but it’s also a fundamental one.  There are hundreds of pokies online these days; you should play only the ones you really like.
  • Is the action in the bonus rounds exciting?  The biggest action in most modern pokies is in the bonus rounds. 

Here are some follow-up questions you ought to ask specifically relating to bonus rounds in pokies.

  • Are the Wild symbols stronger in the bonus rounds?  It is not uncommon for Wilds to increase or link up.  This increases your winnings by a large measure! 
  • Do the Scatter symbols also have more winning power in the bonus rounds?  If they do, it will also make that particular pokie more potentially lucrative. 
  • Can you win free spins in the bonus rounds?  Don’t confuse these free spins with the no deposit free spins you’re playing with as a researcher of the casino!  When you receive free spins in the bonus area of a pokie, you have the potential for a very big score. 
  • Are there multipliers in the bonus round? Multipliers are the biggest source of high cash wins in the bonus rounds. As a free player, you will not win much in the bonus rounds because you’re making very small bets and the winnings in the bonus rounds are a direct function of your basic bet. Multipliers can be for as much as twenty times your basic bet, sometimes even higher. The math is quite simple: If you bet one dollar and you get to the bonus round, the multipliers will use your one dollar bet as a starting point. Since the payouts in the bonus rounds are generally higher, a one dollar bet can become worth many times that!

These questions apply to all pokies as you go through as many as you can trying to decide whether you will deposit at that particular casino.

Free Play/Free Time No Deposit Bonus

This is felt by some to be the best of all the no deposit bonuses offered.  The casino gives you free time to play selected games in the casino.  The primary reason so many new players like this kind of no deposit bonus is because they don’t have to divide their play between games as much as they do with a free spin bonus or a straight cash bonus.  However, the free cash and free spin no deposit bonuses have relatively long time-frames.  It becomes a personal preference: which no deposit bonus to take: free cash, free spins, or free play?

Those casinos that offer a free play no deposit bonus give you at least 30 free minutes before asking you to deposit.  Imagine how many games you can try out in 30 minutes!  As good as that sounds, there are even more casinos that give you a full hour of free play!  These are outdone by the very few casinos that give you 24 free hours.  Now, there are terms and conditions that govern your free play bonus so read them before starting out.

One great advantage of the free play no deposit bonus is that you can go all over the casino.  The free spin bonus is just for pokies; the free cash bonus usually restricts you to games where you can wager very small amounts.  The free play bonus lets you roam more freely.  Keep in mind, though, that 30 minutes will run out quickly, especially if you’re having fun which is pretty much guaranteed at any casino you may find with a free play no deposit bonus!

A Sample Welcome Package

In addition to some form of no deposit bonus which most casinos don’t yet offer, most casinos do offer a matching bonus for your first deposit. The matching bonus is usually for 100% up to a few hundred dollars but both the percent and the bonus limit vary from casino to casino. Many casinos offer their Welcome Package in stages: a bonus for each of the first two, three, or four deposits. To give you some clear idea, we will here go over in detail the Welcome Package from All Slots Mobile Casino. This package is quite good as you will see, but we don’t intend this example to exclude the many other excellent Welcome Packages offered around the internet.

The All Slots Mobile Casino Welcome Package comes in five stages:

  • First you sign up and receive $5 free cash with no deposit.  We hope you use the $5 carefully and make them last a long time.
  • When you make your first deposit you will receive $10 free cash plus a matching bonus of 100% up to $200.
  • When you make your second deposit you will receive $15 free cash plus a matching bonus of 100% up to $100.
  • When you make your third deposit you will receive a matching bonus of 50% up to $100.
  • When you make your fourth deposit you will receive a matching bonus of 25% up to $100.

This Welcome Package has the following elements wrapped together:

  • A no deposit bonus
  • Matching bonuses of varying sizes
  • Free cash after depositing

The terms and conditions for these three types of cash awards are different so it’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions before starting out.

A Final Word about Mobile

Mobile is the next big wave in online gaming.  At all mobile casinos you get all the benefits of gaming on your desktop or laptop plus one extra benefit: you can play whenever you have free time and wherever you are.  It’s true that laptops go with you also and it’s also true that the newest laptops are not very heavy.  Nevertheless, the convenience of gaming on a hand-held mobile device - phone and tablet - beats even the lightest laptop and it’s of course no contest with your desktop!

Mobile casinos are growing daily in the number of games they can offer; most have a large selection of casino games.  Although we’ve spoken so much about pokies, every mobile casino offers a full line of casino games compatible with almost every mobile device and operating system.  Beside pokies, these games include poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, baccarat, bingo, and many more.

New games are becoming compatible for mobile all the time as the software providers continue working overtime getting all the hundreds of games that are available on pc ready for mobile.

So sign up at the mobile casino of your choice.  Take the Australian Mobile Casino no deposit bonus if it’s offered and follow the advice we detailed above.  Check out the mobile casino.  When you’re ready to deposit, your Welcome Package and many hours of gaming fun on your mobile device will be waiting for you!